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Many parents wonder "What could I possibly do to support breastfeeding before my baby has even arrived?" 
The answer is - a lot! 

In all my years working with breastfeeding mums and new parents I come across some of the same issues time and time again.  Quite often they've resulted from poor latch and incorrect advice in the first few days of breastfeeding- long before they'd thought about contacting a lactation consultant or seeking support beyond midwives/health visitors. In fact many of these issues could have been avoided, if they'd known how to build their milk supply and get their baby latching well from that first feed! 

This is where antenatal consultations come in - by dedicating some time in the last few months of pregnancy we can teach you practical techniques to ensure breastfeeding is comfortable and your baby is able to exclusively breastfeed from birth. 


"You wouldn't wait to learn how to drive until you were on the slip road for the motorway -

so why wait to learn about breastfeeding until your baby arrives?"


Click the images below for details of our stand alone antenatal consultations/workshops and full breastfeeding support packages from helping your prepare during pregnancy, to private in home support for up to six weeks post birth. 

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