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baby massage suffolk
baby massage suffolk
baby massage suffolk
baby massage suffolk


Touch is the first sense to develop in utero. Touch is a vital part of our lives and relationships,

and is the perfect way to support building a relationship between mother/father and baby. 


Infant massage as we teach it today was created by Vimala McClure in 1976. 

The massage techniques derive from Indian & Swedish massage and have been adapted to

work perfectly for babies and children. The massage taught has been developed by the

International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

It includes massage strokes for arms, legs, face, back, chest and stomach as well as specific

 techniques which can be used to ease colic, wind and digestive discomfort. 

Benefits of baby massage include:

- decreased wind & digestive discomfort

- bonding and fostering better communication between you and your baby

- helping baby sleep

- learning to read baby's cues

- relaxes baby and reduces crying

- reduces discomfort from common issues such as teething

- release endorphins (happy hormones!) to relax your baby and make them feel good! 

I teach baby massage over a 4 or 5 week course, each week teaching new strokes and building on the techniques you have learnt previously. Classes also include gentle movements, stretches and elements of baby yoga to help with your baby's physical and cognitive development. 

I aim to create a calm, positive, relaxing and very much baby friendly environment for all classes. I currently teach classes either one on one, or in small groups of mums - in the comfort of your own home.

You'll learn how to read your baby's cues and how to choose the 
appropriate time for massage. It is not necessary that your baby be awake and participating during every class. You are able to practice the strokes on a doll, and will receive handouts to allow you to practice the strokes at home when your baby is ready. 

Every class is baby led - you are free to move about, change nappies, breastfeed or bottle feed at any time during the class. These classes are designed for non mobile babies, up to approx. 6 months.

Classes are held 1-2-1 or in small groups in the comfort of your own home (why not get your friends or NCT group together?). Please use the enquiry form below, or email for prices and availability. 

Classes will be tailored to you as an individual and your babies needs. We'll also cover specific massage routines for your baby to help with difficulties such as colic or teething pain. 

Baby Massage - Introductory Course

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