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Are you feeling stressed and anxious about bedtime?
Exhausted from your toddler waking through the night?
Do you wish they'd
settle easily and you could actually have an evening to yourself?
Maybe you feel pressured to let them cry it out?
and are being told you HAVE to give up breastfeeding to improve their sleep?
You've come to the right place.png
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Gentle, respectful techniques, and

no cry it out!

Expert support in our weekly live group coaching sessions.

Practical techniques, not pages and pages of 'sleep science' to read through. 


An exclusive Facebook community to connect with other parents on the course


Designed by an IBCLC to be respectful of your breastfeeding journey 

Toddler in Bed

Specifically designed for breastfed toddlers aged 12 months to

3 years

"I have absolutely loved the course! The teaching has been brilliant and realistic. The support during the coaching calls has been so invaluable.There is no generic plan with rigid routines but a real understanding that every situation is unique and you will receive tailored advice to your family"

Rachel, mum to William 21 months

"Our son now actively wants to go to bed, he points out parts of the routine that he wants us to complete and bedtime is lovely. He is starting to wake up less in the night also seems more content throughout the day, and of course has more well rested parents!

Hannah, mum to Gio 17 months

"I would highly recommend the program as a very supportive, informative experience. Having flexible access to the teaching and course content was so important and I found the coaching calls invaluable. Alissa was positive, patient, empathetic and practical - everything you could want from a course leader!"

Lotte, mum to Emrys
16 months

We'd love you to join us!

Hi. I'm Alissa, and I'm looking forward to supporting your family to an easier and less stress night's sleep!

I've worked with families for over ten years as a midwife, lactation consultant and Gentle Sleep Coach. 
As a breastfeeding mum of three young children myself, I know how exhausting it can be when they're just not sleeping well AND what a difference it makes when they are!

I pride myself on supporting families to create the approach that's right for them. Respecting their child as an individual, taking changes at their pace and finding creative techniques to make bedtime less stressful and nights more peaceful. 

“My little boy was an absolute nightmare for sleep. I was regularly up 4-5 times a night, he had to be fed or rocked to sleep every time. With Alissa’s help and guidance we had our first full night of sleep! He is still sleeping through and his naps are excellent. I know we’ll have blips but I now know how to manage them. I honestly didn’t think he would ever sleep through but he did it. 

Karen, mum to Charlie.

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

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