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Do you dread breastfeeding because it's so painful?
Are your nipples so sore you can't even bear clothing touching them?
Is your baby struggling to gain weight or reliant on top ups?
Are you concerned about your milk supply?
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Expert breastfeeding advice from pregnancy until your baby is 2 years old!

Easy access to online modules and downloadable PDF guides

Practical techniques, you DIDN'T learn in antenatal classes

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An exclusive Facebook community to connect with other parents on the course

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Designed by a midwife & IBCLC to give you expert support throughout your journey

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Weekly group coaching calls so we're there to answer questions and  guide you every step of the way. 

"Alissa really helped me through when I was struggling with painful breastfeeding, teaching me different latches & techniques and helped me get over some of the issues I was facing. I’m happy to say it’s no longer painful and I now find it a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your help"

Jo E. 

"Alissa was an invaluable support to us and I don't think I'd be breast feeding now 4 months in successfully without her help. She was so calm, kind and knowledgeable. It was a tough start for us and she gave us the steps and encouragement to get us to where I desperately wanted to be.

A big thank you!"

Claudia S.

"Without Alissa, I wouldn’t be where I am today, 5 months into solely breastfeeding and loving it! I cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate everything she did for our family. The precious moments and the bond my daughter and I have is the best thing in the world! Persevering through the tough times and having Alissa to turn to was the most valuable support ever. Thank you Alissa for your kind and dedicated support!

Jess W.

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Let's make breastfeeding simple!

Hi. I'm Alissa, and I'm looking forward to supporting you to transform breastfeeding from something difficult to overwhelming into a simple, blissful experience. 

I've worked with families for over ten years as a midwife, lactation consultant and Holistic Sleep Coach. 
As a breastfeeding mum of three young children myself, I know how exhausting and overwhelming it is when breastfeeding is going smoothly, and you're drowning under conflicting advice (why does every health professional seem to say something different?)

I have dedicated my career to supporting breastfeeding families, and after breastfeeding myself for over five years (and counting) I've been where you are, and  I know how you feel. 
I'm here to simplify your breastfeeding journey, help you work through challenges one step at a time and actually start to enjoy breastfeeding

rather than dreading it. 

Baby's Hand
"I just could not recommend Alissa more highly. She listened to all our concerns and devised a plan which supported our breastfeeding journey and gave me back my sanity. She thoroughly explained ‘the mechanics’ so we understood how it would help us to achieve our desired outcome. My advice to any new mums hoping to breastfeed would be to book in with Alissa and get that support early - it is an investment you will not regret for you and your baby."

Natalie B.

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

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